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Delivery Info / Protocols for COVID-19

Delivery Info / Protocols for COVID-19

1. All delivery bags are sanitised and wiped down before each order is packed.

2. Online payments are encouraged, as this means no contact at all; however, our process still caters for those who choose to pay with a card or cash.

3. Our drivers carry a personal hand sanitiser bottle with them at all times.

4. Upon arriving at the customer’s delivery address, the driver will knock on the customer’s door or ring the bell.

5. The driver will keep a safe distance between themselves and the customer.

6. The driver will sanitise his hands and remove the meal from their delivery bag.

7. The driver will place the meal on top of the delivery bag in front of the customer, while still maintaining a safe distance.

8. The customer will pick up their meal and check the contents of the order.

9. The driver will then sanitise his hands and pick up the empty delivery bag to leave.